Skin photo rejuvenation using ELOS

Photo rejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses intense pulsed light or other thermal or chemical methods to treat some skin conditions and remove wrinkles arising from photo-aging.
The process induces controlled wounds on the skin, prompting it to heal itself by creating new cells. This process reverses the effects of photo-aging. Thermal photo rejuvenation uses different energy sources depending on the desired effect and desired energy input.

The most common energy sources are IPL, ELOS, ER:YAG, or CO2 laser. They can be either fractional or non-fractional. The difference between these sources is the energy intensity. ELOS is a high maintenance and relatively middle class energy level energy source making it ideal for long term high maintenance treatments using laser photo rejuvenation. The treatments can be adjusted and repeated to fit patient needs. They are more patient friendly and less painful than Co2 or ER:YAG treatments.

ELOS Thermal rejuvenation directly stimulates the fibroblasts and young skin cells found in the deeper layers of the dermis causing new skin generation, collagen and elastin production without causing excessive micro- trauma or wounds to the skin. This makes ELOS ideal for regular high maintenance treatment programs regarding wrinkle reduction and skin firmness.

Treatment packages of 4-6 individual treatments are suggested over the course of 6 - 8 months for reduction and skin firmness maintenance. This will keep skin looking young wrinkle free and smooth.

What skin type needs such treatments?
Skin photo-aging begins between 25-30 years of age. Therefore we only suggest this treatment for skin after photo-aging has begun.

Are there contraindications for this treatment?
- for patients taking photo-sensitive medication.
- for patients suffering form eczema, psoriasis or other inflammations.
- for patients who are pregnant.
- for patients suffering from systemic illness or high fever.
- for patients who want treatments covered by a tattoo.
- for patients who were recently treated with photo rejuvenation lasers.
- for patients who recently used a solarium or were overexposed to intense sunlight.
- for patients undergoing other dermatological treatments where the doctor finds photo rejuvenation. contra indicative.