Alpine Rose stem cells

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Rosalpine intenzív bőrmegújító csomag    

Why are stem cells so different?

Stem Cells are non specific embryonic cells, regardless of their origin, ( Human, plant or animal ) which contain unlocked regenerative or growth factors needed to promote the tremendous growth in organized structures during early development.

The Stem cells of certain plants contain promoter substances which can be used as ingredients in cosmetic products. These ingredients enhance cell regeneration and promote rapid cell proliferation. Their products can be locally applied to the skin surface and transported to deeper skin producing layers which in turn, strengthen and rejuvenate its own stem cell proliferation.

The inherent stem cell population is located deep in the base membrane of the skin and begin to produce healthy young cells which can then replace older skin as they grow out towards the surface. The first plant cell ingredients were removed from apples. Piroche Cosmetics is the first to use ingredients from plants found in their domestic alpine region, which are characterized by their resistance to extreme weather conditions.

The ingredients of the Rosapline stem cell therapy packages from Piroche Cosmetics:

  • are produced from 100% natural products
  • increase human stem cell activity in the skin
  • enhance skin regeneration
  • increase the strength of the outer protective barrier of skin
  • increase the skin's resistance to extreme weather conditions

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Rosalpine Treatments

The Rosalpine treatments from Piroche Cosmetics are carried out through specially trained Cosmeticians. The treatment is non-invasive and needs no needles, no micro abrasion, is without pain.
The ingredients are highly purified and are in a nano- solution which enables skin impregnating via a special ultrasound devices. The treatment begins with a delicate skin scrub so that the upper surface of the skin is clean and the pores open. Using a special ultrasound, stem cell serum is then transported to the deep layers of the epidermis.

A ten minute skin pack is then applied to finalize the treatment leaving the skin radiating and enriched while giving a homogenous youthful appearance.

Through repeated treatments skin aging can be corrected by 70% !

The Rosalpine stem cell treatment is not just for the face. It can be applied onto other prone areas such as the neck, arms, hands or the entire body.

Rosalpine növényi őssejtes kezelése
  1. Face treatments
    Treatment duration : 60 mins.
    Cost : 18.000- HUF
  2. Face-neck-décolleté treatments
    Treatment duration : 90 mins.
    Cost : 24.000- HUF
  3. Complete body treatments
    Treatment duration : 120 mins.
    Cost : 28.000- HUF

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