Shaper, Vela-Shape treatments

Vela-shape machine assisted body shaping

Shaper Vela-Smooth treatments

Wellmedstudio was the first to use vela-shape in Hungary. Since 2005, we have two systems and more than 4,000 treatments behind us. With that experience and practice, we think we know what we are doing and can confidently guarantee the highest professional standards and customer satisfaction.

The Shaper / Vela Shape ( ELOS ) is a novel system used to treat deeper connective tissue found 1-4 cm below the skin. It was originally intended for medical pre and post operative treatment for liposuction patients. The combination drastically improved operative results.

The ELOS concept of combined infrared light and radio frequency radiation locally induces a transitory rise in body temperature in a safe and comfortable manner. The primary target tissues are the fat deposits and collagen matrix immediately under the skin. This tissue matrix responds to temperature rises above 45°C degrees by increasing fluidity and collagen restructuring. A pulsating vacuum and massaging rollers further enhance local metabolism and lymph drainage. The result is improved blood circulation, increased lymph drainage, mobilization of the sub-dermal fat deposits and sub-dermal collagen restructuring.

Collagen through heat, can be recoiled which strengths its elasticity. This in turn, improves the elasticity of the sub-dermal matrix which is essential for defining the smoothness and general appearance of skin. This is in fact , why Vela-Shape is so affective in treating Cellulite.

As sub-dermal collagen ages, it loses its coiling and structural integrity much like a spring loses its elasticity when it becomes bent or over stretched. Fat deposits then will fill out the spaces in a lumping manner which is the hallmark texture of cellulite found on thighs and buttocks. Vela-shape treatments recoil and strengthen collagen and sub-dermal matrix elasticity while mobilize fat deposits. These two essentials are needed to improve cellulite appearance. The sub-dermal matrix must rebuild its structural integrity while fat deposits must become mobil enough to dissipate more evenly within the newly formed sub-dermal matrix or be removed through improved circulation.

The four essentials of the Vela-Shape system: infrared light, radio frequency and a vacuum-roller massage are the ingredients for regeneration of collagen and elastin cells, which will also significantly increase within the sub-dermal matrix. Collagen, sub-dermal matrix restructuring, radio frequency and heat all induce elastin cell activity. The result will speak for itself. During the 10 sessions of cellulite treatment, the dimples disappear, the skin becomes smoother and firmer. There is also a positive richening affect regarding skin color & tone which becomes more homogenous as the sub-dermal circulation improves.

All in all, great for Cellulite and sub-dermal Fat mobilization.

Treatment duration is approx. 20-80 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated. Velashape device needs about 6-10 times for the desired effect.

Shaper VelaSmooth

VelaShape are recommended for:
• cellulite correction
• treatment of local fat deposits
• volume reduction
• firming
• stretch marks: treatment of stretch stripes
• post Liposuction connective tissue therapy
• treatment of post-natal loose connective tissue

Vela Shape is an effective alternative treatment for the above mentioned conditions. It does not however solve the problem of obesity or related medical issues to which we recommend a more comprehensive medical evaluation.

Obesity is a complex modern inter-disciplinary health issue. We recommend a separate consultation with our specialist if this compound issue is the case.