Skin pigmentation correction using ELOS

Senile lentigo or liver spots, are common and a fact of life for aging skin. The ELOS laser penetrates the skin dermis layer to about 2-4 mm and gives up most of its energy directly onto the affected target cells. A "direct hit" is immediately followed by a hyper pigmented spot caused by the destruction of the pigmented cell. This discoloring is either partially absorbed or is pushed to the surface of the skin as the skin produces skin layers and eventually will reach the surface within 2 weeks where it simply rubs off.

The following pigmentation types can be treated with an ELOS laser.
- Most types of lentigo.
- Chloasma ; Melasma or commonly called pregnancy mask.
- Hyper pigmentation.
- Photo-aging caused by long term over exposure to sunlight.

Are there contraindications for this treatment?
- for patients taking photo-sensitive medication.
- for patients suffering form eczema, psoriasis or other inflammations.
- for patients who are pregnant.
- for patients suffering from systemic illness or high fever.
- for patients who want treatments covered by a tattoo.
- for patients who were recently treated with photo rejuvenation lasers.
- for patients who recently used a solarium or were overexposed to intense sunlight.
- for patients undergoing other dermatological treatments where the doctor finds photo rejuvenation. contra indicative.