Our facial treatments

Our facial treatments are based on the unique methods and special bioaroma oil preparations including other natural products of Piroche cosmetics. These are used together with basic acupuncture topography knowledge so that the facial skin medicine. Becomes organically rejuvenated and manually harmonized according to the principals of chinese



arckezelés The plant based oils, algae products and minerals used in Piroche cosmetic are all prime selection products originating from the highest quality level found on the market. These are then combined into specific creams, tonics and other lotions which enhance each individual ingredient's natural characteristics. Therefore Piroche products are not categorized into standard cosmetic prototypes. They are instead more functionally organized and can be better combined to fit all our customers personalized needs that is, skin type, tissue characteristics, personality traits are all taken into account. The goal is to "best match" products to personal needs.

In addition, a wide selection can be found in home care cosmetics, facial creams, facial lotions. The natural-based Home spa or hotel spa products include highly effective therapeutic bath oils and shampoos, conditioners, soap-free soaps, sun protection, and products used to treat cellulite are also available.



Piroche facial treatment method is unique because it goes beyond the usual facial treatment. It uses the meridian system ( what is the meridian system ? ) to reach out into our nervous system and emotions. It strengthens our resistance against wind, pressure or physical wear and tear and yes even against colds. It also promotes the self healing systems in our bodies. The Piroche method integrates into it's method special meridian treatments, unique massage techniques and cosmetic handling all simultaneously improving our bodies bioenergetic balance, which goes beyond a regular cosmetic treatment. The Piroche method not only enhances the beauty of your skin with active natural ingredients and pure bioaroma oils ( what are bioaroma oils ? ) but also improves your inner health, vitality and outer protection.




Piroche Cosmetics eloquently unifies massages, technology, creams, lotions and the human touch into a relaxing and enjoyable time out which in the end rejuvenates your skin and inner balance leaving you calm and beautiful for a while to come.


Begins with gentle rubbing of bioaroma oils onto both sides of the back and it's acupuncture points which instantly increases lymph circulation and drainage while soothing senses of smell and touch.
Effect: bio-energetic balance of the various organs through active stimulation of acupuncture points and the initiation of a prolonged detox caused from stimulated lymph drainage.


Is a deep tissue lymph drainage treatment which thoroughly purifies the treated area. Increased metabolism results in the deeper layers of the skin. The effective ingredients of the serums used produces cleaner skin, better skin tone and initiates a prolonged regenerative reaction within the different layers of the skin.


Uses the same wavelength technique as medical ultrasounds to transport special serums deep into the skin tissue. These serums reach the base membrane of the skin and increase cell activity and also provide essential building ingredients for improved elasticity and water retention in the regenerative layers of the skin.


Effect : direct electric stimulation is applied to the acupuncture points on the face partly to correct imbalances to the respective organs via the meridian system this improves the meridian system and dramatically enriches ones complexion. Furthermore a prolonged natural face-lifting effect is obtained through intensive stimulation of the facial muscles.


Is a relaxing alternative to the classic facial massage using the methods of oriental massage. It energizes and has an amazingly has a positive effect on the facial meridians, nervous system in general and naturally your facial skin.


This particular face mask from Piroche is a price winning mask developed just a few years ago. It contains several regenerative plant based ingredients including AHA amino acids. Ideal for pigment reduction and elastic.