Laser treatments using ELOS

About ELOS technology

What is ELOS ?

Electric Optic Synergy is a technology which combines two energy sources. Bipolar Radio-frequency and light energy from a diode laser. These energy sources oscillate repeatedly between one another in a millisecond tempo causing a synergy of their effects on specific target tissue. This technique uses common energy sources in medicine however creates a unique, more dramatic result than normal laser procedures. It was developed and patented by the Syneron cooperation located in Israel in 2005. Both energy sources are individually used in laser medicine. They are affective however one can cause superficial burns and the other nonspecific tissue destruction when to much energy is applied. However when their energies are capped and simultaneously used a controllable safe summation of their affects is generated for optimum medical applications.

The technology

• is unique to Syneron products and is called ELOS
• uses lower dosages of energy than standard IPL systems with better results
• is more target tissue effective because of interchangeable wavelength sources and combined bipolar radio-frequency
• is in general a safer and more patient friendly treatment


The advantages of ELOS™ combined energy technology are almost no burning or unspecific tissue destruction to the patients skin while in summation can safer apply more energy for better results. It is also more comfortable for the patients dermatologic or cosmetics treatment experience.