"Noesis" special vitamin
enrichment treatment

Noesis vitaminos arckezelés

Noesis is a multivitamin enriched facial treatment with active ingredients restoring natural skin beauty.

The Noesis multivitamin concept is an intensive revitalizing and regenerative treatment for the face neck and décolleté that will guaranteed restore a youthful and health complexion.

An energetic combination of A,C,E vitamins initiate cell regeneration and support collagen formation leaving the skin smooth and elastic.

The intensive antioxidant ingredients prevent premature aging and can protect the skin from aggressive environmental exposure. These and other valuable minerals are harvested and won from marine ingredients and plant oils.

Recommended for skin showing loss of elasticity , pale complexion or dryness.
this treatment enhances the skin's protective barriers towards harsh environmental conditions and is therefore excellent therapy against cold and windy weather for example during fall or early winter. Also recommend for smokers !

  60 minutes of Noesis vitamin treatments include:
- peeling,
- lymph drainage,
- and ultrasound,
- and a sealer mask.
90 minutes of Noesis vitamin treatments include:
- harmonizing meridian massage,
- peeling,
- lymph drainage,
- ultrasound,
- sealer mask,
- and shiatsu.

All treatments can naturally include cleaning if needed or requested.