Hyaluron nano gel & ultrasound wrinkle therapy

Hyaluronsav nanogél ultrahangos ránckezelés

The importance of Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronan also know as Hyaluronic acid, is a natural component in the connective matrix of human skin and cartilage.

It's main function is for tissue repair and serves as a moisturizer and gives resilience to skin because of its water binding qualities. Aging skin has reduced levels of this substance. In 2003 the FDA approved injections of Hyaluronan into human tissue. Recently the Cosmetics world discovered and began using this substance as a filler for the treatment against fine wrinkles because of its hydrogenating qualities.

Since 2010 a micro form of Hyaluronan is available in a micro nanogel solution which can be transported to the base membrane of the epidermis through special ultrasound. There it enhances tissue repair and builds itself into the skin matrix as skin cells crows outwards. It's hydrogenating qualities saturate the skin with water which can fill out fine wrinkles and gives skin a healthy natural young appearance.

This wonderful affect is noticeable after one treatment however a cure therapy gives the best results. Older Skin regains its moist and elastic complexion while characteristically aging skin features disappear.

As a cure therapy we suggest once weekly for 4 successive weeks followed then every two months with a maintanence treatment.

Also available as combined with other specialized treatment for aged weakened skin such as ELOS laser which is a new cutting edge technology for skin rejuvenation and correction. This combined soft laser and radio frequency system is a successful treatment for acne, rosacea, scar tissue reduction, wrinkled or flaccid skin. These noninvasive procedures rejuvenate the skin on the cellular level while Hyaluronan therapy on the connective tissue matrix level making their combination a complete and thorough therapy for aging skin.

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