TRINITI treatments

TRINITI skin laser rejuvenation using ELOS

TRINITI - a 3 step rejuvenation treatment without needles, without invasive procedures, without chemicals

TRINITI lézeres arcfiatalítás

Triniti is a low energy 3 step laser procedure combining color or pigment correction, wrinkle reduction and skin tightening into one treatment session. It produces enough energy to create marked results while protecting the underlying skin structures making it an ideal choice for long term intensive skin maintenance. The FDA approved procedure improves skin microstructures and initiates rejuvenation from the deeper layers of the skin.

Triniti 3 step session summarized:

  • A combined bipolar radio frequency and IPL energy provide a safe and effective method for correcting irregularities up to a depth of 0.4 mm. This depth localized the energy to the top layers of the skin where aging skin changes and aesthetic treatments are the most effective, while leaving the deeper layers safe and untouched.
  • The Refirm™ step uses bipolar radio frequency and infra red energy which penetrate 4-5 mm into the skin. The selective energy initiates collagen and elastin production which replenishes the elastic strength on the skin.
  • Finally the Matrix IR application specifically targets the deeper wrinkle rejuvenation. A stronger Radio frequency and diode laser combine into a synergetic energy that recoils the loosened collagen in the deeper skin layers which instantly strengths skin elasticity and smoothens out deeper wrinkling.

For optimum results three monthly sessions are recommended. Within 3-4 months clients rejuvenate younger looking, healthy skin which is more resistant to sunlight or other external environmental conditions. Within 4-6 months the elastic fibers are rejuvenated visibly and positively changing appearance. Regular maintenance cosmetic treatments, professional creams or a touch of make up enhance the young, healthy vibrancy of newly rejuvenated skin.