Rosacea and spider vein correction using ELOS

Rosacea and spider vein correction

What is Rosacea?
Rosacea is a chronic inflammation of the skin on the face which can last for many years. Rosacea comes and goes and is often accompanied with spider veins. These small veins dilate and appear as red hairline markings on the skin surface, further aggravating ones appearance. The exact cause is unclear and the symptoms can effect ones self esteem. The use of ELOS diode lasers can dramatically improve the appearance of this illness. Spider vein, redness and inflammation improvement can be seen after one treatment. The best treatment affects are achieved in general, after 2-4 treatment sessions with 2-3 week rest intervals.

Are there contraindications for this treatment?
- for patients taking photo-sensitive medication.
- for patients suffering form eczema, psoriasis or other inflammations.
- for patients who are pregnant.
- for patients suffering from systemic illness or high fever.
- for patients who want treatments covered by a tattoo.
- for patients who were recently treated with photo rejuvenation lasers.
- for patients who recently used a solarium or were overexposed to intense sunlight.
- for patients undergoing other dermatological treatments where the doctor finds photo rejuvenation. contra indicative.

The use of makeup or perfumes prior to treatments is to be avoided.

Side effects are rare and limit themselves to slight redness which are self limiting and disappear with a few days.

Treatment procedure:
- Patients are given protective eyewear during application of the Diode laser.
- The treated area is initially cooled for more comfort and a gel is applied to the skin for better laser transmission which flashes every 2 seconds.
- The treatment time varies according to the size of the treated area but in general takes about 10 - 20 minutes.
- Finally a soothing cream is applied to the treated skin to calm skin redness and agitation cause by the diode laser.