Regeneration treatments

Regeneráló arckezelések

Piroche applies a unique method to a facial treatment experience which promotes vitality and naturally enhances the regenerative processes in skin. Bioaroma oils are used to achieve this result through a soothing meridian massage ( what is a meridian massage? ). Vacuum applied cupping techniques increase lymph drainage and an acupressure massage stimulate the meridian system ( what is the meridian system? ), all adding up to a comforting start for a facial treatment.

The treatment continues with a facial lymph drainage to enable removal of skin waste material and toxins. This cleansing phase is followed by a nutrition phase which refills the treated area with essential vitamins and minerals using special ultrasound ( why so special? ) which transports these vital materials deep into the skins base structures.

Metabolism nourishment and vitality are enhanced. The last step is applying an award winning sealing mask, which gives back elasticity to the skin weakened from everyday life. The treatment spoils each client with a hand or foot massage while they mask works into the skin ( approximately 20 min. ).

The final touch is a comforting Shiastu accupressure facial massage giving this treatment the best of both cosmetics and wellness.

This Treatment can be modified to fit and thereby runs between 60 to 120 minutes so that anyone's needs can be meet for a truly luxurious facial. For example:

Shaper VelaSmooth
  60 minutes can include:
- harmonizing meridian   massage,
- peeling,
- lymph drainage,
- and ultrasound with
  a simple pack to seal
  things up.
90 minutes can include:
- harmonizing meridian   massage,
- peeling,
- lymph drainage,
- ultrasound sealer packs,
- and shiatsu.
120 minutes can include:
- harmonizing meridian massage,
- peeling,
- lymph drainage,
- and ultrasound sealer using the   award winning sealer mask,
- and finally a shiatsu massage to   make things perfect.

All treatments can naturally include cleaning if needed or requested.