Refirm® skin tightening using ELOS

Immediate skin tightening and anti-wrinkling results.

This ELOS treatment was extremely well received in Budapest and Wellmed. It can simply after one treatment, change loose extra facial skin into healthier tighter youthful skin.

The Refirm® ELOS treatment uses the combined energies of bipolar radio-frequency and infra red light both specifically tuned onto collagen fibers. Collagen fibers are structural fibers found in the skin which give skin firmness. With time collagen deforms and so does skin firmness. Also with time less and less collagen is produced again leading to loose skin. Collagen however can be reconditioned with heat. Refirm® ELOS treatments does precisely what is best for collagen. Through the specific combination of bipolar RF and infra red light maximum energy is absorbed into the collagen fibers without damaging the surrounding tissue. No pain, no down time. The collagen uncoils and restructures into its original stronger form. It literally pulls skin together. This uncoiling also initiates collagen production in fibroblasts: a connective-tissue cell of mesenchymal origin that secretes proteins and especially molecular collagen from which the extracellular fibrillar matrix of connective tissue forms.

Both reactions result in smoother facial contours with less deep wrinkles. The skin markedly improves in appearance.
The Refirm facial skin-tightening program can be applied in summer as well as during the winter months.

Although immediate changes are seen after only one treatment long term skin strength is usually achieved after repeated treatments.

Suggested treatment plans are between 2-4 occasions within 2-3 weeks with maintanence treatments every.

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