Laser Epilation or permanent hair removal using ELOS

Laser Epilation or permanent hair removal

Laser epilation has over the past few years rapidly grown in popularity. All other forms of hair removal need weekly or monthly treatments and can be painful, cause ingrown hair or even an abscess. ELOS is a safe and easy alternative for hair removal giving years of trouble free comfort.

Hair follicles in the skin are found in one of three continuous phases of a repeating cycle. A growth, a transition, and a dormant phase. Diode lasers are only effective on hair follicles found on the growth phase.

How permanent or absolute is ELOS ?

Laser epilation targets hair follicles in a certain growth cycle. These hair follicles make up about 40% of the total noticeable hair on a certain area. Therefore several treatments are required over a complete active and dormant hair follicle cycle period (about six months) in order to achieve complete epilation. Treated hair follicles will remain dormant for up to seven years after which they may slowly reappear as very thin surface hair.

ELOS technology begins with a diode laser specially tuned to the maximum energy absorption of hair follicle base cells or onions. After specifically preheating the follicle target area a heat sensitive bipolar radio-frequency impulse is directed into the treatment area. The synergy of these different energies is more effective than normal IPL systems and less painful because both energy levels are capped. Also the diode laser crystal produces an exact wavelength of light that directly targets the hair follicle. It needs no melanin to transport the energy to the hair follicle as in most IPL systems.

Consequently, different hair color types are treatable which is not true for IPL systems. Although noticeable changes are seen after one treatment, complete epilation is achieved after about 6 sessions. Hair color, skin color, location, prior waxing are factors that can affect treatment timetables and sessions but not end results. For example, light blond hair located on tanned calves that have been recently waxed will need more treatments and energy for satisfactory results than a fair skinned dark hair colored client needing epilation on the same area.

How painful is ELOS epilation?
ELOS technology is the safest and most patient friendly method because two energy sources are simultaneously used with capped energies meaning they are individually less intense and less painful. Also the applicator tip constantly monitors skin temperature and optimally cools the target area to 5 degrees C for added comfort. Many patients describe the treatment sensation similar to the pricking sensation of a rubber band pinch. Location, hair follicle density and size are variables for the treatment sensation.

Are there any preparations prior to sessions?
- patients should shave the treated area just prior to the session.
- patients should not wax the treated area 2-4 weeks prior to sessions!
- solariums or intensive sun tanning should be avoided 1 week before and after a session.
- we recommend a quick sample test prior to the first session to screen out eventual side effects.
- treated areas should be free prior to sessions of cosmetics, anti deodorants body creams or tanning creams.

The treatment itself :
- Inspection of the to be treated area for above skin hair or other energy absorbing substances.
- Application of special eye protection head gear which the patient wears during the entire session.
- Cooling of the skin for better comfort and application of a contact gel and laser therapy. The laser fires about once every 2 seconds.
- The session duration depends on the area , underarms are about 8-10 mins while legs can take up to one hour.
- A relaxing cream is applied to soothe the treated area after each session.
- Session intervals are between 5-8 weeks.

Are there any contraindications?
- for patients taking photo-sensitive medication.
- for patients suffering form eczema, psoriasis or other inflammations.
- for patients who are pregnant.
- for patients suffering from systemic illness or high fever.
- for patients who want treatments covered by a tattoo.
- for patients with excessive birth marks or other pigmentation. This should be cleared up with a dermatologist before the session.

Side effects are minimal and limit themselves to occasional redness, slight pigmentation or faint swelling. All of which disappear within 24 hours. Sessions do not affect menstrual cycles. We suggest a doctors opinion before starting a session with children.

Wellmed Beauty & Spa guarantees if all sessions are properly fulfilled and no abnormal hormonal fluctuations are noticed that: 80-90% epilation will be achieved within and including 6 sessions. Additional sessions, if needed are cost free until the 80-90 % success rate is reached.

We will offer a 50 % price reduction on all subsequent sessions if the patient chooses to extend sessions for a better result i.e. 95% success rate.