Permanent Make-up

What Is Permanent Make-up?
It is a process by which we implant in the dermis layer of the skin a small amount of pigment to create an illusion or enhancement where hair or color is missing.

What Are The Advantages of Permanent Make-up?
Permanent make-up is very often used to correct nature's mistakes. Examples of this are: eyebrows that are too light, sparse, or nonexistent, asymmetrical shaped lips, thin lips, or lips with uneven vermillion borders.

Is Permanent Make-up Really Permanent?
After the initial application and then the later „touch-up” visit the pigment will remain in the skin for 3 years.

What About Sterilization, Sanitation, And Infection?
Please be assured that your health and safety are of utmost importance to me. Sanitary surroundings, sterile equipment , disposable needles, and quality colours are a must.

How Much Pain is Associated with Micropigmentation?
Most patients feel a mild discomfort. Topical, or local anesthetic is used to numb the patient and minimize pain. Most patients feel a slight stinging sensation, but no actual pain, due to her individual sensitivity.

How Long Does It Take And Can It Be Completed In One Visit?
Most procedures take no more than two hours. About a month following the initial application, one or "touch-up" visit will be scheduled to perfect the lines and colors.

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