Microdermabrasion is such a process which removes the dead stratum corneum (upper stratum corneum) in whole or in part by mild grinding. Treatment is perceived as a slight injury by the body, thus seeking to replace the lost cells with new healthy cells. The treatment can be used for the removal of damaged skin and scars and liver spots on the skin and it helps the ingredients deeper penetrate.

Many cosmetic problems can be effectively treated by mechanically removing the top layer of the skin. Mostly, it is recommended for thick porous, uneven skin with thick, slow metabolism, but with good results the following problems can also be solved: pigment spots, acne spots, mild wrinkles, scars, stinging drowsiness.

The cosmetologist removes the dead skin cells and skin dirt from the upper layer of skin during the treatment by an abrasive head (aluminum oxide crystals) which cleans not only the damaged epidermis but also enhances the blood and lymph circulation of the basal layer. This will speed up the formation of functional and collagen-rich skin cells that build up the new epidermis upwards. Peeling also improves the ability of the skin to absorb nutrients and oxygen, the absorption of the active substances is increased several times.

During the controlled microdermabrasion, no wounds can be generated because the skin is individually setted to peel with the appropriate power and depth (the appliance blends a fine sanding crystal onto the skin and vacuumed it). The difference can be seen even after the first treatment, but recommended regular use for long-term result. Handling any kind of problem, the most intense effect can be achieved through the combination of special cosmetics and microdermabrasion treatment.The treatments consist of intensive care, salon treatment, home aftercare and after you reach the expected results some less frequent maintenance treatment is needed. Clinical studies demonstrate - as a result of treatment - the increase in the number of live cell lines, the increase in thickness of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, increased microcirculation, and a significant increase in the absorption of cosmetic agents.

Duration of treatment: 20-40 minutes
The specialist considering the skin type and properties of the skin, will gently polish the upper layer of skin on small areas with the microdermabrasion treatment head. By ending the operation, an active nourishes ingredient is ingested by an ultrasonic process into the deeper layers of the epithelium.
This treatment is painless.

• for pigment spots
• thick patchy, wide-pore skin
• scars
• for skin problem
• for dry, water-deficient skin
• for mimicking wrinkle management
• for skin refreshening